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Contemporary calf (recased preserving most of the original panels, new endpapers).
De functie van de kamer zonder de spiegel is onbekend.
1555, ll (4 60, illustrated with numerous woodcuts throughout the text, one printed n 1542 Fine published De mundi sphaera (On the Heavenly Spheres a popular astronomy textbook whose woodcut illustrations were much appreciated.However, Apian made one significant addition of his own: a passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the tip of South America, which is not present in Waldseemuller?Äôs map.Horoscopion Apiani Size: Facsimile Bound Reprint Edition.In 1519, Apianus moved to Vienna and continued his studies at the University of Vienna, which was considered one of the leading universities in geography and mathematics at the time and where Georg Tannstetter taught.This is NOT a mass market paperback, or mass produced book.Among the first books he printed were the writings of Johann Eck, Martin Luther's antagonist.Cuba and Hispaniola are shown as huge islands and the Mountains of the Moon considered the source of the River Nile.It would go on to become a bestseller of sorts, with 28 distinct editions appearing in print during the 16th century alone.Apianus' hugely influential work on cosmography offered an early geographical text with numerous woodcuts of the earth, the Zodiac, and examples of determining longitude and latitude.In a strictly contemporary binding, probably from the Southern Netherlands, using part of a medieval echte gevangen op de camera sex manuscript text, the Bible Book Jesaia, as reinforcing strip at the rear.
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The engraver of the map was almost certainly Laurent Fries, whose initials appear on either side of the garland at the lower right corner.Seller Image Published.Titre frontispiece imprimé en rouge et noir, avec une grande figure sur bois d'après Dürer.The preliminary section of the isagoge was reissued in part in his declaratio ET usus type cosmographici at Regensburg, probably the next year.Seller Image Published by Antwerp: Gregorius de Bonte (1553) Used Hardcover Quantity Available: 1 About this Item: Antwerp: Gregorius de Bonte, 1553.Fine's heart-shaped, cordiform map may be his most famous illustration, and was frequently employed by other notable cartographers, including Peter Apian and Gerard Mercator.And moved to Regensburg and then to Landshut.Seller Image, published by Ingolstadii 1533 / Modern Reprint / Privately Published, No Reprinted Date, A Bound / Flex Cover / reprint (1533).