Chat has its own jargon.
Chat rooms dedicated to topics such as computer trouble-shooting can be useful sources of information because many people with expert knowledge enjoy helping others online.
Teenagers and children who wish to exchange personal information with someone they meet online should always do so under the supervision of a parent or guardian.Chat is most commonly used for social interaction.Many systems have chat room operators who may remove people from the chat room if they do not obey the chat rooms rules.Chat is synchronousone person types a message on their keyboard and the people with whom they are chatting see the message appear on their monitors and can respond almost immediately.Many chat systems are free.Chat users should never assume that the people with whom they are chatting are who they say they are.People who chat commonly use abbreviations.People on chat channels may lie about almost anything: their age, their sex, where they live, what they look like.
Most people who use chat are friendly and well meaning, but there are a small number of criminals who use chat to take advantage of others, particularly of teenagers.
Spread the love, i introduction, chat (online simultaneous text communication between two or more people via computer.
In education, teachers use chat to help students practice language skills and to provide mentoring to students.Some companies hold large online chat meetings to tell employees about new business developments.Other kinds of computer communication are asynchronous.Some people think this deception is acceptable and fun.III precautions FOR using chat.People chatting cannot see one another, and they often do not know one another.Even giving out a phone number can be dangerous; some people who have given sex and the city toon online gratis a phone number to seemingly friendly strangers online have later been forced to change their number or even get an unlisted one to prevent repeated harassing calls.Most importantly, people should be very careful about arranging to meet in person someone they do not know.