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On taking her film chat kamer role at Halston very seriously: I said, Please know this now: I will never do this for a title.
"Again, I think its because of my age; I didnt ever want to be on a set or a stage where I dont feel valued, and I felt that we were being undervalued, she explained.
Below video is taken on January 17 and January 21, 2011.It was widely reported that Kim was unhappy with her contract and wanted the four actresses to be on a more equal pay structure, since Sarah Jessica was earning more.She told me in LA at The Oxfam Party taking place at Esquire House : There are no plans that I know of but I would love to do a third film.I have no connection to the prequel." Source - m July,.Source - August,.We've seen little rumors about them wanting to make a movie about the girls in their twenties.Over six TV seasons and two movies, however, there have been no children (yet) for the former Miss Bradshaw, something that a third film could explore."I'm always hopeful and I always believe there's another story to tell because these are these women's lives so why wouldn't there be another chapter she said.They have computers that can age a person for forensic purposes, like when they are looking for a runaway child who has been missing for years.Sex and the City 2 was given one of the harshest critical drubbings of any film released last year."That was a compliment and I was very surprised when I heard that - it was very sweet, but there is nothing official and I've never even been approached or anything she lightheartedly told Digital Spy of her rumored satc role.
Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively was also recently rumoured, but suggestions she would be involved have since been quashed.
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That youd enjoyed it a little bit more.The idea didnt fly with the Sex and the City powers that be, but if it had, it would have been a first for the movies.While she remains within the comedy genre with which she is so familiar, Parker's new film role has a bit more meat.We all want to do it, I guess its just figuring out whether its the right thing to do and if we can move the characters forward any more.So I always thought the advantage for them was that they hadn't really plumbed the depths of those characters." King responded with a statement to reporters.At least, they couldn't be happier for Carrie.Its all really about the stories, and if you actually think you have something left to say that would make it exciting and worthwhile for the fans time, thats really the question.

According to multiple reports, The CW has bought The Carrie Diaries project a Sex and The City prequel based on Candace Bushnells book about Carries time in high school.
It takes the pressure off the original cast to squeeze into their Spanks and try and bang another one out for a paycheck.