Waar where; true - sex tiener gay cam - was laundry; wax; (I/you/he) was - week 2 week - wet law - wens wish, desire - wijd wide - winst profit - woord word - dwaas a fool - kwast 2 paintbrush - kwijt 2 lost, missing - twee.
"Y" is called by its French name: i-Grèc 2 (French: 'Greek i To differentiate in spoken Dutch, 'ei' is called korte ei 2 short ei and 'ij' is called lange ij 2 long ij -lijk ending IJ like A in AGO voiceless E rijkelijk (richly.
2 or: d'r was 'r 's.Dido's moans are all the guidance she needs to kik sex chat groepen locate Dido's clit and to find all of her most sensitive spots.Chaos chaos - cholera cholera - chroom chrome - chrysanten chrysanthemums - echo echo - lach a laugh - toch 2 yet, still - nacht night - dicht closed - lucht air - rechts right (not left - rechter judge; on the right - lichaam.All examples translated on a separate page - or hold your mouse over a Dutch word or phrase to see a rough translation.The single E's may be the biggest problem in Dutch pronunciation.An indication of time: 's morgens in the morning - 's middags in the afternoon - 's avonds in the evening - 's nachts at night - 's zomers in Summer - 's winters in Winter - see also the ' Time ' page.
There is a short vocal stop between them: aorta aorta - chaotisch chaotic - Laos AU (OU) like OU in loud, OW in NOW - hear Dutch: nauw narrow, tight blauw blue - au!
Mindy enjoys the sensation of a talented tongue probing all of her most tender parts before leaning forward to dip her fingers into the wetness of Dido's twat so she can lick the juices from her fingertips.An incorrect possessive: Jan's vrienden Jan's friends (following the English, a very common mistake; it should be: "Jans vrienden.én one, 1 - café 2 cafe, bar è as in French, Dutch short E: hè expression of disappointment - appèl appeal - première festive opening night - carrière career - kassière cashier (female - misère 2 misery ea a faint consonant-Y sound (Dutch.Beter 2 better - beste best - bende gang; mess - geven 2 to give - gevel gable' - house) - gesel whip' - old-fashioned) - gezel companion' - old-fahioned) - tegen against - teken 2 sign - verte 2 distance, in the distance.Then she makes her way down Dido's tanned body, teasing Dido's belly before settling between the blonde's long legs and sweeping her tongue up the length of Dido's slit.