From Portuguese edit Alongside Malay, Portuguese was the lingua franca for trade throughout the archipelago from the sixteenth century through to the early nineteenth century.
The Portuguese dominance over trade in the region and control of the spice islands of Moluccas had significantly increased Portuguese influence in trade and also through the introduction of Christianity in the region.
In pinch (chess) muttu difficulty, as in passing, hindrance, obstacle, impediment nali volume unit 16 gantang 1/50 koyan ni tubularity; tube, a measure of capacity, 8 ollocks related to ni nelayan fisherman?, neiya, nuaiya, karaiy, valaiya, valaiña, fisher(man) nila indigo nila blue, black, common indigo.) "Long live His Majesty the Emperor" bonsai miniature potted plant bonsai tray plantting, bonsai bushido bushido bushid bushido (Military-related term).Sanskrit words in Indonesian (and especially adopted through.Gopek five hundred Min Nan Hakka g-pah, g-pah ńg-pak five hundred gotun five Min Nan g-tún, g-tún five shield five (money) money in this case refers to ng, guilder, gulden, or rupiah guci shiny-coated pitchers Min Nan Cantonese koàn-chí gun3 zi2 small jar guo nian.For speeding voucher boomzaken harbour administration boomzaken harbour administration boorwater boric acid solution boorwater boric acid solution brankas, brangkas safe brandkast safe branwir firefighter squad brandweer fire department bruder friar (notably Catholic) broeder friar (notably Catholic).Fortune, prosperity, success, thriving,.Badudu,.S; Kamus Kata-kata Serapan Asing Dalam Bahasa Indonesia; Kompas, Jakarta, 2003 Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Jakarta, Balai Pustaka: 1999, halaman 1185.d.The Greek word is ( théatro ).
Pornographic anime, manga or Japanese computer game.
1 umlaut diaeresis (diacritic) umlaut diaeresis (diacritic) 1 vopo police VoPo volkspolizei Deutsche Volkspolizei (German People's Police) 1 Zeitgeist spirit of the age Zeitgeist spirit of the age 1 From North Germanic edit The North Germanic languages make up one of the three branches.
Banzai long life cheers banzai long life cheers lit.Hotteok hotteok hotteok hotteok Hotteok is a variety of filled Korean pancake.) jintan Carum roxburghianum Min Nan jîn-tan?The Dutch language itself wasn't properly introduced into the archipelago before 1799, when the Netherlands' crown took over the colony from the already bankrupt VOC (Dutch East India company previously the Malay language was adapted by VOC due to its trade and diplomatic benefit, which.Oil measure 4 cempu pancalogam mixture of five (many) metals pañcalkam.Defense apologí ( Ancient ) defense asbes, asbestos asbestos ásbestos unquenchable, inextinguishable asbest asbestos Dutch Dutch asbest ( asbestos ) is based on Latin asbestos ( asbestos ).Hiragana hiragana hiragana hiragana hokokai Japanese colonial mobilisation group hkkai public service association such as Jawa Hokokai.Curtain langseng steamer basket Min Nan lâng-sng steamer basket lengkeng longan ( Euphoria longana ) Min Nan lêng-kéng longan ( Euphoria longana ) lianglong chat kamers voor eetstoornissen Chinese dragons played chatten met meisjes in de buurt by a number of people Min Nan ling-liông brightdragon lici, leci lychee ( Litchi chinensis ) Min Nan.

Rate, as of interest; portion.
Tamil influence has been around such as Palava usage as ancient script in Indonesia (Palava dynasty was existed on 275 CE897 CE) and Chola invasion of Srivijaya in 1025.
Loleng paper lantern Min Nan lô-lang?